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$ 60.00

The French Press coffee you love without all the mess. With a removable bottom, integrated thermometer, and built-in timer, the our press renders the traditional French Press obsolete. When you’re ready to clean, simply unscrew the bottom and knock the grounds out into a receptacle of your choosing.
This lovely product is provided courtesy of Rite Press. Check it out on their site.

This solves the biggest French Press issue—cleanup! The bottom unscrews so you can easily dump the grounds and rinse with minimal effort. The precisely manufactured bottom is designed with two start positions allowing you to easily tighten the bottom with only one full turn. The Rite press also features a medical grade silicon seal to ensure the coffee or grounds don’t drip while in use.

Our custom designed and manufactured thermometer has a simple Blue, Green, Red scale. Blue is too cold and Red is too hot. The Green zone is centered at 200 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for a great cup of coffee.The Rite thermometer lives in the shaft of the filter so it’s easy to use and is always on hand.

Timing is everything, especially in a coffee press. Both under- and over-brewing lead to bad-tasting coffee. Our built-in and simple to use hourglass is set for precisely 3 min and 30 seconds. When the sand is done flowing, it’s time to press down the plunger and enjoy an amazing cup. The Rite timer is magnetically attached to the Rite Press.