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About Us

Born and Bred in the Bay

Like many people, we're transplants in this city, but we've grown to love it. Come check out our location on Brannan Street in SoMa.

I started with a simple goal: make a great French press. I had always struggled to find the right taste and was frustrated by the hassle so I decided to do it myself. Since 2012, we've spread to stores across the US and Canada and we're proud to stick to our sustainable production values.

The problem with French presses isn't just the cleanup, but that is a big problem. To properly clean one you have to dump it, rinse the grinds out, and clean with soap and water. If you're in a hurry in the morning, it can be quite inconvenient. Aside from that, it's all too easy to add water that's too hot. If you stick boiling water in there right form the kettle, it's too warm and you'll never get the right flavor. If it's too cold, it isn't coffee. Lastly time is a complication - you need to keep a time on when it's done. That means whipping out your iPhone or fumbling through your microwave counter. The French press was designed in 1929 and it's time for a new one.